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Visiting our clinic in Cyprus

Cyprus is strategically located in the Mediterranean Sea, at the crossroad of three Continents.

That means that we are easily accessible from anywhere in the world, just a flight or two away from you! Out of respect for our International patients, we always treat them on priority.

Limassol is the second largest city in Cyprus. A vibrant coastal town with modern infrastructure and facilities for all.  Despite that the purpose of your visit is for medical reasons,  this can be a fun and exciting experience too.

Cyprus has a long history and rich culture. A visitor can enjoy amazing beaches, peaceful green forests, historical museums, sites and churches, glamourous bars and clubs and of course our famous cuisine with its mouth-watering food! From Limassol you can find yourself anywhere on the island within an hour or two of driving. You can make the most out of your stay from strolling at the beautiful city center and the cosmopolitan sea front to paying a visit to our picturesque wine villages and nearby cities. Cyprus is a small continent, a playground for travelers.

For many, traveling abroad for medical reasons can be a struggle. However, at Facial Excellence, we are trying hard to make this tiring procedure as easy as possible. If it was up to us, you could travel here only once but unfortunately, this is impossible. Our approach to planning an Orthognathic Surgery from scratch, requires six to seven visits whilst for a local patient, this can take up to ten or fifteen visits (from consultation to the final follow up appointment).


For this reason, we have drafted a formula that works for International patients and it is worthy since we minimize your visits by almost 50%. International patients are always on priority and we emphasize on their needs. Therefore, at our clinic, we can deal with your Orthognathic surgery in a total of six to seven visits.

Your first visit to Cyprus should last no more than five to six days. During these days we will get the chance to initially meet you in person, examine you and discuss about your condition. Five to six days are also sufficient if we need you to proceed with additional examinations or if we will require from you some new panoramic x-rays, 3D CBCT scans etc. so as to proceed with our planning.

Furthermore, an appointment or two will be booked in advance with our Orthodontist partner who will be responsible for your Orthodontic treatment before and after surgery. We collaborate with the best team of professionals who are always excited to answer all of your questions.

Finally, during your first visit, you will also get the opportunity to go through several of our cases and find out  detailed information about our approach towards them from the first day we provided consultation at our clinic to their last follow-up after surgery.

This will help you understand the procedure, get a clear image of what you should expect and get prepared for the next stages of the upcoming life-changing surgery. Psychological support is part of an Orthognathic surgery cycle so we always care about how you feel. This  is why, our specialized clinical psychologist on-demand will be more than happy to listen to your concerns and discuss with you all along this journey.

These visits are usually very short and last no more than one to two days maximum. The purpose of your second and possibly third visit is to evaluate your orthodontic progress. This visit, will give us valuable data and information on how we will proceed with the final planning of your upcoming surgery. Our Orthodontist partner doctor will determine whether a third visit is required before your Orthognathic surgery. In reality, your second visit is very important to us because it will enable us to fix  the date of your scheduled surgery, provided that  you have responded positively to your Orthodontic changes.

Your fourth visit to Cyprus means that you are travelling to get your Orthognathic surgery done. This will be your longer visit here with us. A couple of days before surgery, we will request you to undergo the last necessary tests before going into the operating theatre.

When the operation is completed you will be hospitalized for at least one night and you will be discharged from hospital the following day. For the next 10 days, you will be under close  medical supervision by our head doctor. To avoid additional costs, Facial Excellence provides appropriate accommodation at reasonable prices near our facilities. A fully equipped and comfortable sea view apartment is the ideal recovery accommodation. If needed, we can also provide our International patients with on demand 24/7 in house nursing  that will also provide you with the appropriate diet.

By providing accommodation and  care by a nurse, we can make sure that our patients are well taken care of until they leave Cyprus. If you feel that the after-surgery accommodation and nursing solution we provide do not fit your requirements, you can simply choose the accommodation of your liking and subsequently visit our clinic every day for your scheduled follow up examination.

After nearly two weeks, you can return back to your country.

We are gradually near the end of this Orthognathic surgery journey. The fifth and sixth visits to Cyprus are mainly for post-operative follow-up examination and to re-evaluate your Orthodontic treatment progress. These visits are usually quick and last no more than one to two days maximum.

This will be the last visit to our clinic. In approximately one and a half to two years after surgery, we wish to have our last follow-up examination with you. At this last follow-up appointment, we will proceed with the final evaluation of your condition. Also, our Orthodontist partner doctor will give you the final instructions about your Orthodontic treatment.

From this point onwards, you will no longer need our services but you can always keep in touch with us for anything you might need to ask or discuss with us. Most of our patients are also our friends!

We will be fascinated to receive photos and videos of your new life, with your new smile and pursuit of your new dreams. Your story can inspire others to change their lives too!

Our Philosophy 

The backbone of our success


What makes FACIAL EXCELLENCE truly successful is the tailor-made treatment that provides to patients. When you consult our centre, we expect you to receive a top class health care! Our mission is to listen to you and understand your needs. Our specialists and clinical staff, will provide you with excellent care. 


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