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Cyprus is known for its high-quality Medical Services:

  • Excellent medical infrastructure
  • Well-equipped, technologically-sophisticated hospitals and clinics
  • Highly-qualified specialist consultants, doctors, nurses, and technical staff
  • Speedy consultation, test results and treatment – no waiting lists
  • Familiarity with the UK medical system – many Cyprus-based consultants and doctors have been trained in the UK or in other English-speaking countries
  • Very high standards of hygiene
  • Consultants, doctors and nursing staff all speak English fluently
  • Natural Attractions
  • Cyprus offers a relaxed, peaceful environment
  • Exchange the noise and bustle of the UK ‘s crowded cities for the peace and tranquillity of relaxing, get-away-from-it-all Cyprus
  • The island is relatively sparsely populated – well under a million people on an island the size of Devon and Cornwall combined, but with just half the population of these two counties.
  • Blue-sky vistas and views of calm, brilliant-blue seascapes are therapeutic in themselves
  • Cyprus enjoys over 300 days of sunshine – a real tonic.
  • There are many natural wonders in a compact area – from the pine-scented mountains of the Troodos region to the rocks where, legend has it, Aphrodite was born
  • Rich history, vibrant culture – Cyprus has been invaded many times and each visiting nation has left its mark – from Roman mosaics to beautiful Byzantine churches.
  • Breathtaking landscapes – from the national park of the Akamas peninsula, with its nesting turtles and wild flowers to the beautiful national park of Cape Greco .
  • Food and wine of exceptional quality to indulge the senses! Cyprus is home to the world’s oldest wine – the sweet Comandaria!
  • Cypriot hospitality is renowned; the ease of communication with local people adds to the overall feeling of relaxation and welcome Accommodation – for your partner/family and for you, post-medical procedure

For more information about Medical Tourism in Cyprus, please visit the Cyprus Health Services Promotion Board.