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We celebrate 20 years of excellence! Changing lives for 20 years!

2020 is a milestone year for the Cyprus Cranio Maxillo Facial Center as we celebrate 20 years of existence! 20 years of a brilliant course with countless stories of success and happiness. On the occasion of the completion of our 20 years of operations, the managing director Dr. Zoe Nicolaou, envisioned the creation of an […]

How Orthognathic surgery can improve the patient’s psychology and change its attitude towards life.

Indeed, Ortognathic surgery is a procedure that demands psychological preparation in advance. It also requires a significant amount of time to achieve a smooth transition and proper adjustment into the new reality.  We understand that making such a big decision is not an easy thing to do. Consequently, whoever thinks of undergoing an Orthognathic surgery, […]

Orthognathic surgery stories and experiences on the Internet

For anyone who is interested in, about to go through, or has already gone through orthognathic surgery. Check out the threads for some general information in Reddit with more than 2.900 members sharing the stories and experiences. Find the Forum here: https://www.reddit.com/r/jawsurgery/

Dangerous double-jaw surgery on the rise in South Korea as women are encouraged to face risks of bone-cutting procedure in the name of beauty

«Orthognathic Surgery should be performed by a highly skilled, well trained and experienced Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon with years of expertise in the field. Upcoming medical destinations such as South Korea, are currently playing with fire setting the lives of many patients in danger as Orthognathic surgery was recently introduced in the country with the […]

What is the difference between single jaw surgery and double jaw surgery (Orthognathic Surgery)?

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are often asked what is the difference in the outcome between single jaw surgery and double jaw surgery and when is one preferred over the other. On the one hand, a single jaw surgery means that only one jaw is manipulated during the surgery. This could either be the lower jaw […]

Myths and truths about Orthognathic Surgery

Orthognathic surgery, or corrective jaw surgery has gained some prominence especially in today’s world, where people are increasingly more concerned with how the structure and bone growth of their jaw or face affects their overall life. However, there are a few myths about this surgery that we want to bring down. Myth #1: This surgery […]


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